CB Oil Absorbant

CBOA is included in the National Plan Oil Spill Control Agent Register (OSCA) by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) as a Natural Organic Sorbent.

CBOA is the only Organic Natural Absorbent approved for the National Plan in Australia.  Using this product mitigates your risk exposure when cleaning up spills under Commonwealth Law and the EPBC Act in an open environment.

Oil /Chemical Containment & Absorbent 

CleanBoost Oil Absorbent is a 100% organic, environmentally safe and water repellent product that will turn any petroleum spill into a fluffy dry substance on contact.

You can just  sweep it up. CB Oil Absorbent is made from a moss fiber that is screened to a smooth consistency then dehydrated. This makes it a natural encapsulator of petroleum products. 

CB Oil Absorbent (CBOA) meets the definition of "Sorbent" as specified by EPA in Title 40 SFR, Section 300.5 and 300.915 of the NCP (National Contingency Plan)


Disposing of the CBOA is not an issue, a 30 day waiting period may be required depending on the product being absorbed.


No more messy, sopping piles made from other products. CB Oil Absorbent saves time and money.

Because CBOA completely encapsulates the spill, it cannot spread or leak back into the environment.

We are offering absorbent booms in 4-foot and 8-foot options, booms are great for absorbing and containing spills.

CBOA floats on water, for spills of oil on lakes, rivers, streams or ponds in bulk or CBOA Booms.


CBOA is an all-natural, 100% organic, non-toxic, and non-abrasive and is water repellent.  It will transform any petroleum or toxic spill into a fluffy dry substance on contact.  You will eliminate messy and costly clean-up quickly and easily and …..all you need is a broom.  That is it.

General Data: 

Absorption: up to 12 times its weight.

Reaction Time: instant.

Retention: meets leachate standards.

Toxicity: non-toxic, environmentally safe.

Disposal: incineration or landfill in accordance with regulatory authority guidelines.

Products absorbed: polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), fuel oil, aviation fuel, oil-based paints, crude oil, oil-based inks, vegetable oils and more.


People Friendly: 


CBOA does not contain any toxins which are harmful to humans.  CBOA’s powerful encapsulation ability allows you to eliminate the fear of a spill spreading or leaching thru time.

Where CBOA Works:

CBOA will solidify any oil spill on water, in rainy conditions, on waterways, in soils and grassy swampy areas.  


Keep CBOA on hand for your contingency planning of smaller and larger spills of petroleum liquids. CBOA can clean up oil spills and over 70 other toxic substances in any environment, including: Water, Ice, Asphalt, Wetlands, Snow, Soil, Concrete, Canals, Troughs, Marshlands, Swamps, Flight Lines, Fuel Stations, Motor Pools, Highways, Rainy Conditions and Spill Response Services


CleanBoost Oil Absorbent has the highest absorption rate over conventional absorbents.  Just one 2 cubic ft. (18lb) bag will solidify up to 6 gallons of oil or petroleum based chemicals.  CBOA is landfill safe and can be incinerated.  If burned it has a high BTU value/content leaving only a 3% ash residual.


CBOA comes in:

Spill Kits: Standard OR made up to your|

8KG Bags

MOQ: 1 Pallet = 50 Bags

225KG Super Sack 

MOQ: 1 Pallet = Super Sack