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Product Introduction and Initial Testing Program


Southern Technologies product focus on 2 key areas:

  1. Fuel saving/economy

  2. Maintenance & oil change/use reduction

To address the key issues above and have clarity on ROI, we suggest that a single product introduction and testing protocol is used to establish the ROI for each solution/product used.


There are additional environmental benefits in emissions reductions, but we will focus on financial ROI first.


We will provide you with ROI calculation spreadsheets for your application that will show the financial returns for your specific business.

The 2 products that will address the key issues are:

A:    Southern Technologies CB Gold - Fuel Improver.

This product is a combustion catalyst that can provide fuel savings depending on the quality of the fuel used and the age and condition of the truck, in the range of 2-20%.

B: Southern Technologies Bypass Filter Systems.


This product is an externally mounted oil filtration system that in a single pass filters down to 2 microns, resulting in the life of the oil and time between oil changes being extended in the range of 4+ times. 

This reduces both the amount of oil used & discarded, as well as the number of oil and oil filter changes required. Long term use will reduce overall maintenance cost and extend the life of the engine and gearbox, increasing up-time and reputational value.

Southern Technologies Bypass Filter Systems can also be used to filter out water and contaminants from Diesel fuel, providing additional protection.

These units come in varying sizes from in-line fuel filters to large volume carts or installations that have the capacity to filter all the fuel from a fuel tanker as it is pumped into fuel station tanks.



Initial Testing Program:


Fuel Consumption test
  • We suggest that 2-10 Identical GENSETS/TRUCKS/EQUIPMENT are used for this test;

    50% (Group A) use Diesel treated at the normal rate of 1:4000 with Southern Technologies CB Gold and are measured for fuel consumption.

  • The other 50% (Group B) run normal untreated diesel and are measured for fuel consumption.

  • Southern Technologies can provide a testing quantity of Southern Technologies CB Gold to treat fuel and run the test protocol for 1-3 months.

  • We suggest that if any Avg Fuel consumption computers are installed, that these are reset in both Group A & B, to get short term and long-term avg. fuel readings for both treated and untreated fuel usage.

  • Results should be clear after 30 days, but the test should ideally be continued for 60 or 90 days.
    After 90 days we would suggest moving 100% of the equipment to use Southern Technologies CB Gold and measure the fuel savings across all equipment.


Southern Technologies CB Gold is ideally distributed by adding the product directly to bulk fuel storage tanks at refueling stations. For the test, Southern Technologies CB Gold can be added when fueling the truck directly into the equipment fuel cell.

B: Oil filtration Test
  • On Group B we suggest 2 pieces of equipment are outfitted with a Southern Technologies Combust 2 Micron Bypass Filter System.
    Your mechanics will be required to install the units and provide some fittings and hoses.
    Detailed installation instructions will accompany the units.

  • This test is essentially a trial and decide process to find out what the longest acceptable period between oil and filter changes is. 

  • The Southern Technologies Combust Filter system has the unique ability to take samples on the low-pressure side of the Filter. This allows oil samples to be scientifically tested in regular intervals without having to drain the oil from the engine.

  • An acceptable level of contamination is agreed and the time between oil and filter changes extended until this level is about to be reached when measuring the oil contamination level.

  • Complete testing protocol and ROI spreadsheets will accompany this document.


Low-pressure oil sample valve for testing

C: Southern Technologies Mettle Plus Additive

When the ROI results of the Fuel additive and Filters are clear, we can introduce Southern Technologies Mettle Plus Additive to be tested on the same 2 groups of equipment; A – with & B without.  

Southern Technologies Mettle Plus Additive provides additional protection and is a longer program to show specific ROI. We would expect additional Fuel savings, even further extended oil changes, reduced operating temperatures and vibrations.